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April 2014 – Pasta Perfection at Zingerman’s

Heublumen Cheese Heublumen Cheese

Celebrating the beginning of the Swiss hay season and therefore really good alpine milk for cheese making is what this cheese is about. Second-generation cheese maker, Thomas Stadleman at Kaserei Stofel in Toggenberg rubs the first flush of hay into young, raw cow’s milk wheels and ages them well past the usual four months specifically for us.

Ragusano Cheese Ragusano Cheese

A spicy treat from Ragusa, Sicily, this folded-curd, raw, cow’s milk cheese is shaped like a giant rectangle then aged to perfection, hung from wood posts. The rare and historic Modicana cow only eats hay and grass to produce milk for Ragusano. The flavor is outstanding and uses are endless; top a pizza, grilled eggplant or an extra healthy kale salad!

Bagoss Cheese Bagoss Cheese

Bagolino is a village in the Northern Italian province of Brescia, Lombardy; it’s where this stellar cheese received its name. Wood forms that hug these alpine wheels are constantly rubbed for up to two years with linseed oil to keep them from splitting and finally, when the wheel is released it is said to make a crackling sound as it takes a deep breath. Grate this raw cow’s milk cheese over your risotto and enjoy.

La Quercia Pancetta Americana La Quercia Pancetta Americana

When you take some of the best pork currently being raised in the U.S.A, and old world traditional methods being used by the Eckhouse’s in Iowa, the result is some truly amazing pancetta. If you have never cooked with Pancetta we think tonight should be the night. It is the perfect base for pasta carbonara, a great addition to eggs, or wonderful in soups and stews. Ask for some recipes that we love to make at home.

Ortiz Anchovies Ortiz Anchovies

Ortiz, a family-owned and operated company, has been doing what they do best for 5 generations. While everything they make is simply amazing, we are especially fond of their anchovies. They’re very meaty and super tasty. They’re so good that you can eat an entire jar in one sitting. And, they’re amazing to cook with. Add a few fish to a hot skillet with onions to make a superbly tasty sauce. Just add pasta and top with grated cheese.

Spring Oil Change Sale Spring Oil Change Sale

Our annual olive oil sale gives you a chance to stock up on your favorite olive oils and get great deals on some that you may not have discovered yet. All of the 2011 harvest oils from Italy, Spain, France and California are on sale: buy 1 bottle at 10% off, 2 bottles at 20% off and 3 bottles at 30% off. Look for the 1-2-3 sticker and stock up!

Marques de Valdueza Red Wine Vinegar Marques de Valdueza Red Wine Vinegar

In 2007 Marques de Valdueza Estate set aside some wine for this vinegar. Well worth the wait, this honey-colored red wine delights with flavors of vanilla, fennel and licorice spice, rounded out with a slightly almond finish. With the high acidity it’s perfect for both cold and hot dishes.

All Pasta 20% Off! All Pasta 20% Off!

Celebrate great pasta with us. We have searched all over Europe and U.S.A. for the best pasta being made. Take some home and see if you agree. Buy an entire case of pasta and get 30% off.

Pasta Sauces Pasta Sauces

While we agree that it’s really difficult to beat homemade pasta sauce, these are a few that might make you do a double take.

  • Il Mongetto – Pomodoro – $10.99/ea
  • Il Mongetto – Funghi – $10.99/ea
  • Mahjoub – Testour (#2) – $9.99/ea
  • Roi Pesto – $9.99/ea
  • Torre Saracena Sauces – $9.99/ea

April 2014 Specials

Conservas Ramón Peña Tinned Fish of the Month:
Conservas Ramón Peña

When you open a tin of anything that Ramón Peña produces, you will realize before your first taste why they are considered the best that Spain has to offer. Whether it is tender sardines, colorful octopus, or velvety squid, everything is handled with great care in order to present you with a superior product… and wait until you taste them!

  • Sardines With Padron Peppers – $13.15 (reg. $19.99)
  • Squids In Ink – $13.15 (reg. $19.99)
  • Squids In Olive Oil – $13.15 (reg. $19.99)
  • Octopus In Paprika Sauce – $13.15 (reg. $19.99)
  • Octopus In Olive Oil – $13.15 (reg. $19.99)
Empeltre Olives Olive of the Month:
Empeltre Olives

Beautiful black pearls from Aragon, Spain matured on the tree and aged in delicate brine. The soft, rich flesh of this olive is used as much for really good oil as table olive.

$14.50/lb, $7.25/half lb

Chelsea Zingerman’s Creamery Cheese of the Month:

Inspired by the much beloved cheeses from the Loire River Valley in France, the Aged Chelsea is a mold-ripened goat log coated in edible vegetable ash. The ash helps draw moisture to the cheese’s surface, developing a well-balanced flavor while providing an appealing grey exterior. At room temperature, the Chelsea oozes richness and its creamy, spreadable texture releases the naturally gentle flavor of the goat milk. It’s simply perfect with a Loire Valley white wine.

Serving Suggestions
The Chelsea’s striking visual appearance makes it perfect for slicing into discs on a bias and arranging on a cheese plate. Because of its delightfully creamy texture, this cheese is a perfect candidate for baking inside of puff-pastry. It’s more robust than traditional bries, and its ashed rind results in a beautiful presentation once cut open. The Chelsea is magnificent when spread on a crusty baguette and served with one of the classic, slightly sweet white wines of the Loire Valley such as Vouvray, Muscadet, Sancerre & Pouilly Fume.

$10.99/ea, reg. $15.99/ea

Paesano Bread Zingerman’s Bakehouse Bread of the Month:
Paesano Bread

Pass this bread around the table for ripping and dipping in great olive oil, soup or pasta.

$4.50/loaf, reg. $6.25/loaf

Special Bakes:

  • Somodi Kalács (cinnamon swirl bread) every weekend in April
  • Barches (paprika egg bread) 4/4 & 4/5
  • Black Olive Farm bread 4/11 & 4/12
  • Hot Cross buns 4/17-4/20
  • Pumpernickel Raisin bread 4/25 & 4/26
Burundi Dukorere Ikawa Zingerman’s Coffee Co Roaster’s Pick:
Burundi Dukorere Ikawa

We like this particular coffee for its crisp up-front acidity and hint of savoriness. It has a pleasant tang that sweetens as it cools. It finishes with a remarkably buttery mouthfeel.

Roast: Medium

Brewing Highlights: Very well suited to batch brewing and individual filter methods. Benefits from a slightly finer grind. Nice and fruity in an Aeropress, Syphon brewing really brings out the citrus.

Region: Colline Burunga, Bururi Province, Burundi

$16.99/12 oz

Dirty Sheed Zingerman’s Next Door, Drink of the Month:
Dirty Sheed

Two shots of espresso topped with a shot of vanilla and a bit of cream.


Hunka Burnin’ Love Chocolate Cake Zingerman’s Bakehouse Cake of the Month:
Hunka Burnin’ Love Chocolate Cake

A Bakehouse classic that our customers have been in love with for years. Who can resist layers of rich buttermilk chocolate cake covered in Belgian chocolate buttercream.

20% off

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