May Specials

Olive of the Month: Lucques – All time staff favorite!

The Languedoc region of Southern France is the native soil of these addictive olives.  A favorite at the deli and rightfully so.  Firm, nutty and rich without the added saltyness of many brined olives.

$9.50/half lb

Zingerman’s Creamery Cheese of the Month!
Little Napoleon

The little cheese with a big complex. The Little Napoleon is made by very gently hand-ladling the cheese curd into molds to allow for proper drainage and the fullest flavor development. This small, mold-ripened goat cheese has a butter colored mold rind, which develops blue mottling with age. When very young (two weeks) this cheese has a soft creamy texture and a gently acidic flavor. As it reaches middle age (two to three weeks) the cheese is semi-firm and develops a full, savory flavor. At one month, the cheese is firm to hard with a pungent goat flavor.

$5.99/ea (reg. $7.99/each)

Sandwich of the Month!

What’s the racket amongst sandwich fans? Breakfast Food! Breakfast for lunch. And dinner. And of course, breakfast. Our Breakfast BLT is off the charts, on the deliciousness scale, but due to space constraints, “BST” or “Breakfast Serving Time,” at the Deli is only 7am-11am. So! We present for your all-day enjoying pleasure: a Hard-boiled egg Under Bacon Beneath cheddar and the Usual BLT fixin’s. In simple sandwich terms, that’s applewood smoked bacon, a hard-boiled egg, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo on an onion roll! The acronym may be a bit of a reach, but we think this sandwich is worth clamoring about.

$12.99/one size

Zingerman’s Bakehouse Bread of the Month!
Jewish Rye bread

Made with a traditional recipe for chewy, crusty rye bread. Real rye like this is hard to find these days!


Special Bakes!

Scallion Walnut Farm bread baked on 5/4 & 5/5
Our crusty, slightly sour farm bread with toasted walnuts and fresh chopped scallions.

Cranberry Pecan bread baked on 5/11 & 5/12
Making a special appearance for Mother’s Day weekend! And what a great gift or brunch treat it would make! How do we pack so much flavor in 1¼ pounds? This is a dense loaf loaded with dried cranberries and toasty pecans.

Potato Dill bread baked on 5/18 & 5/19
Roasted potatoes, fresh dill and scallions mixed up in a round of our chewy tangy sourdough. Great on a tuna melt or toasted with cream cheese.

Loomis bread baked on 5/25 & 5/26
Tangy farm bread with chunks of Zingerman’s Creamery Cheshire cheese and roasted red peppers from Cornman Farms. It’s a ZCoB trifecta and a Zingerman’s exclusive.

Blueberry Buckle 5/26 Saturday delivery
Perfect for Memorial Day weekend! A buckle is an American coffeecake that dates back to colonial times. Our sweet and moist version has a bounty of wild blueberries, sweet butter, a touch of orange and cinnamon, and is topped off with a remarkable butter-crumble crust.

Cake of the month:
Buttermilk Cake – 20% off!!

Buttery yellow cake filled with raspberry butter cream and covered in smooth vanilla butter cream. Please enjoy our cakes at room temperature, your patience will be rewarded.

Zingerman’s Next Door,
Drink of the Month! Café de Olla

Inspired by a classic Mexican coffee drink made using Chicago-based Jo Snow syrup (cinnamon, cloves, molasses, brown sugar and a splash of orange), our house espresso and Calder Dairy milk – Great hot or iced.


Spice it up! Add Café de Olla syrup to Mochas, Iced Tea, Cappuccinos, Brewed Coffee, Cream Soda, and more!! 75¢ extra

Zingerman’s Coffee Company,
Roaster’s Pick! Peru Andes Reserve

Notes: Flavors of sweet summer melon with a hint of brightness in the finish. Exceptionally well-balanced with an almost creamy mouthfeel.

Located more than a days drive from Lima, this unique coffee comes from the northern region of Peru, a breathtaking region filled with coffee-producing communities along the slopes of the Andes Mountains. This area is well known for producing highly sought out quality coffee.

This Andes Reserve is a blend of coffee from the various communities around the state of Lambayeque and San Ignacio that make up organized cooperative groups. With the help of PROASSA, these cooperatives are able to commercialize their product for a direct sale to Zingerman’s importer in New York. Like many coffee producing countries, small farmers drive Peru’s coffee production, the majority own less than a few acres. When these producers come together with the help of an exporter, their coffee is milled, analyzed for quality, and made available for the international market. Without such access to foreign markets, coffee producers would earn much less for their product by selling into the local /national coffee market. Peru HB Andes Reserve is a unique coffee that comes from the hard work of remote coffee farmers and the expertise of a professional exporter, all with the mission of commercializing their product to improve the quality of life of farmers, developing the communities in which they live, and protecting the natural environment they live in and depend on for their livelihoods.

$18.99/ 12 oz bag